Alyse Sue is a software developer, freelance tech writer and startup founder.

alyse has been invited to cover and speak at several major tech events on ai, transhumanism and emerging tech.

Alyse is a software developer and has worked in AI and Blockchain startups. Alyse is also a freelance tech writer covering AI, Transhumanism and Emerging Tech. Alyse writes for Data Driven Investor and other companies. Alyse co-founded three ventures including a genomic data machine learning startup, a health startup and Transhumanism Australia. Prior to this, Alyse worked in Product Development, Innovation and Management Consulting at KPMG.

Alyse’s goal is to help people keep up with AI and Transhumanism.


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freelance tech writing

Alyse covers AI, Transhumanism, and Emerging Tech. She writes for Data Driven Investor and other companies. Alyse has covered several major tech events around the world: SXSW (Austin), MWC (Barcelona), World Congress of Accountants (Sydney), Wild Health Summit (Sydney), Pause Fest (Melbourne), Microsoft Build (Seattle)


speaking at events

Alyse regularly speaks on AI and Transhumanism. Alyse has been invited to speak at ADMA Global Forum, Pause Fest, UTS, USYD, QUTCEA, Law Society of NSW, Piper Alderman.


Freelance tech Writing


Alyse writes data-driven long form content for corporates, SaaS companies and marketing clients. Alyse takes on a limited number of clients.


  1. Work with you to understand your goal

  2. Research trending keywords in your industry and what competitors and influencers are doing

  3. Work with you to decide style, topic and angle

  4. Deliver article and revisions


Pricing: $250-350 per article

Alyse prefers to focus on quality rather than on word count or hours.

Discount available for monthly retainer.


articles by alyse

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Alyse Sue - Medium

Read writing from Alyse Sue on Medium. Freelance Tech Writer, Co-founder Transhumanism AU. Helping people keep up with AI, Transhumanism and Emerging Tech.


speaking at events



Alyse enjoys sharing her experience on:

  • The future of work and future of humanity impacted by transhumanism and emerging technologies and how to respond

  • Exploring practical use cases and implications of AI

Alyse does not speak professionally but loves to share knowledge.


Alyse has been invited to speak at:


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